Programs and Presentations

Re-live the life and times of these two Torchbearers for Christ! Invite one or both of them to come and help your group or congregation to experience the power, passion and inspiration of the era of the Great Awakening and the American Revolution! Claim your nation’s spiritual heritage through these informative, inspiring and entertaining presentations!

Inspirational Messages

Whitefield Speaks to America

Whitefield shares his experiences as an evangelist in the days of colonial America’s “Great Awakening,” drawing spiritual parallels between his era and ours today.

Witherspoon Addresses the American Church

The only pastor to sign the Declaration of Independence describes his involvement in the American Revolution and challenges Christians to preserve their religious liberties.

Historical Portrayals

George Whitefield, Torch Bearer for Christ

America’s first evangelist reviews his life and times with his audience.

Rev. Dr. John Witherspoon, America’s Revolutionary Pastor

Witherspoon recounts his involvement in the creation of our republic.


Rebirth and Revolution:

Spiritual Influences in Colonial America — An overview of the effects of the “Great Awakening” on the American colonists prior to and during the Revolutionary