The Purpose and the Vision


To inform; to Educate; and to Inspire!

For several decades it has been obvious that Americans have lost the importance and value of their spiritual heritage. Historical textbooks have been vetted of the Christian foundations of our nation. Legal skirmishes dot the land, battling over weather or not “in God We Trust” should be our currency. The Ten Commandments have been banned o public buildings. There are societal forces intent on erasing every vestige of the faith of our Founding Fathers. We are locked in a  holy war that the church can not afford to lose. To do so would be to lose the godly foundations of our nations Spiritual Legacy and doom future generations to living without them.

Withersppon and Whitefield has one clear purpose: to inform, educate and inspire churches, schools, individuals and organizations in our nation to realize God’s dealings with America in the early years of its conception and birth as the world’s finest republic. By presenting the historical portrayals of two of our country’s spiritual founding fathers, the Rev. George Whitefield and the Rev. Dr. John Witherspoon, it is our hope to reawaken Americans to their spiritual heritage. We strive to motivate the to recapture the Christian spirit and moral fervency of the era of the Great Awakening and the American Revolution.